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[14 Jan 2011 | ]

Porte L, Abel M, Amsalem P, Bocquet F, Bocquet FC, Chevallier V, Clair S, Delafosse G, Desbief S, Gadenne V, Giovanelli L, Koudia M, Ksari Y, Loppacher C, Merlen A, Nony L, Ourdjini O, Patrone L, Pawlak R, Romann J, Valmalette JC, Themlin JM
“Self-organized growth of molecular arrays at surfaces”
Int. J. Nanotechnology Volume 8, 10-12, 2011
Bourja L., Bakiz B., Benlhachemib A., Ezahrib M., Villain S., Favotto C., Valmalette J.-C., Gavarri J. R.
“Structural modifications of nanostructured ceria CeO2,xH2O during dehydration process”,
To be published in Powder Technology 215-216, 76-71, 2011

D’Elia D., …

Résultats scientifiques »

[27 Mai 2009 | ]

Materials Research Society Spring meeting (San Francisco, 2009)

Poster: Self-assembly and Raman Spectroscopy of additive coated nanocrystals

International Conference On Raman Spectroscopy (London, 2008)

Présentation orale: Switching mechanism in Cu-TCNQ based memories structures studied by Raman spectroscopy
Poster: Some questions about near field Raman spectroscopy (TERS)

Tip Enhanced Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Challenges and Opportunities (Teddington (UK), 2008)

Poster: Wavelength and distance dependence of the Tip-Enhanced Raman scattering induced by gold coated tips on Si (100) crystals