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14 janvier 2011 Print This Post

Porte L, Abel M, Amsalem P, Bocquet F, Bocquet FC, Chevallier V, Clair S, Delafosse G, Desbief S, Gadenne V, Giovanelli L, Koudia M, Ksari Y, Loppacher C, Merlen A, Nony L, Ourdjini O, Patrone L, Pawlak R, Romann J, Valmalette JC, Themlin JM

“Self-organized growth of molecular arrays at surfaces”

Int. J. Nanotechnology Volume 8, 10-12, 2011

Bourja L., Bakiz B., Benlhachemib A., Ezahrib M., Villain S., Favotto C., Valmalette J.-C., Gavarri J. R.

“Structural modifications of nanostructured ceria CeO2,xH2O during dehydration process”,

To be published in Powder Technology 215-216, 76-71, 2011


D’Elia D., Beauger C., Hochepied J.F., Rigacci A., Berger M.H., Keller N., Keller-Spitzer V., Suzuki, Y., Valmalette J.C., Benabdesselam M., Achard P.

“Impact Of Three Different TiO2 Morphologies On Hydrogen Evolution By Methanol Assisted Water-Splitting: Nanoparticles, Nanotubes And Aerogels”

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 36, 22, 14360-14373, 2011


Merlen A., Chevallier, Chevallier V., Valmalette J. C., Patrone L., Torchio P., Vedraine S., Flory F., Moula G.

Surface enhanced spectroscopy with gold nanostructures on silicon and glass substrates”

Surface Science 605, 13-14, 1214-1218, 2011

P. G. Gucciardi and J. C. Valmalette

Different longitudinal optical—transverse optical mode amplification in tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy of GaAs(001) »

Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 263104 2010

doi: 10.1063/1.3532841

Romann J., Valmalette J. C., Chevallier V. and Merlen A.

Surface Interactions between Molecules and Nanocrystals in Copper Oxalate Nanostructures

J. Physical Chemistry C 114, 24, 10677 2010

Merlen A., Gadenne V., Romann J., Chevallier V., Patrone L., Valmalette J.C.

Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of organic molecules deposited on gold sputtered substrates

Nanotechnology, 20, 21, 215705 2009


Bourja L., Bakiz B., Benlhachemi A., Ezahri M., Valmalette J.C., Villain S., Gavarri J.R.

Structural and Raman vibrational studies of CeO2-Bi2O3 oxide system,

Adv. Mater. Sc. Eng. Article ID 502437, 2009


Romann J., Chevallier V., Merlen A., Valmalette J.C.,

Self-organized assembly of copper oxalate nanocrystals

J. of Physical Chemistry C 113, 13, 5068, 2009


Merlen A., Valmalette J. C., Gucciardi P.G, Lamy de la Chapelle M., Frigout A., Ossikovski R.

Depolarization effects in Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

J. Raman Spectroscopy 40, 1361 2009


A. Merlen, P. Toulemonde, S. Le Floch, G. Montagnac, T. Hammouda, O. Marty, A. San Miguel

High pressure-high temperature synthesis of diamond from single-wall pristine and iodine doped carbon nanotube bundles

Carbon 47, 1643 2009

Ch. Turquat, A. Demolliens, J. Razafindramora, A. Merlen, J-Ch. Valmalette, Ch. Muller, R. Müller, L. Goux, and D. J. Wouters

Resistance switching of CuTCNQ nanowires developed for high-density memory devices

EMRS Proceedings (2008)